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Our Allergy Clinic

Specialist allergy clinic in Romsey

treatment for all allergies

Treatment for all allergies

Do you suffer from dust or skin allergies? At Elysium Allergy Clinic, we can help you find natural treatments to fight allergies so that you can lead an active, healthy life. We aim to find the cause of your allergy and not just treat the symptoms.

On conducting a thorough test, we offer individual homeopathic treatments and nutritional support to strengthen your body’s healing system. We can treat a wide range of allergies, infections and other ailments.

About Gillian Brand

With degrees in Clin.Hom., Dip BFD. B.Inst.A.T, BCMA Reg and a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Gillian has been a practitioner of Complementary Medicine since 1995. She is also qualified in Clinical Homeopathy and Bio Electric Functions assessment and has studied at the College of Homeopathy, Devon.

Gillian is a member of The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy and a licensed practitioner of the British Complementary Medicine Association. She can offer you advice on diet and nutrition and guide you towards leading a healthy life. 
Gillian Brand
allergy testing

Allergy testing for clients in Totton

At our allergy clinic in Romsey, we carry out the latest tests to help determine the cause of allergies. We offer food intolerance testing and specific IgE blood tests to determine moderate or aggressive reactions to substances. After analysing the results of the test, we offer comprehensive assessment to re-activate your body's natural healing system.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also read our client testimonials to find out how we have helped our customers lead a healthy life. We offer our services to clients across Totton, Southampton and the surrounding areas.
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